WARM-UP – lesson 2

1. Warm-Up

2.Introducing yourself.

How do you do. My name is Maria. I am a Financial Manager.

More info: Name + job title (+ department IN + NOUN)

My name is Maria. I am a Financial Manager in the European

Commission’s Financial Affairs Department. I am responsible for

the financial health of the Commission. I create financial reports

and develop plans for its long-term financial goals.

Hi, I am Melinda and I am a Human Resources Manager here.

More info: Hi, I am Melinda. I am in the Human Resources Department.

I interview and hire candidates when they show up for an interview.

3. Other ways of introducing oneself

#1 How do you do. My name is Jacqueline Mars.

I believe you are MacKenzie Scott.

#2 Allow me to introduce myself. I am Oprah Winfrey. And you?

#3 You must be Hillary Clinton. I am Laurene Powell Jobs. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

A: Mrs. Clinton, may I introduce Mr. Obama?

(and then turning to Mr. Obama simply say: Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton: How do you do.

Mr. Obama: How do you do. /

I am glad to meet you. /

Happy to meet you.

Mr.Butler. Mr. Hunting.

Mr.Butler, this is Mr. Hunting.

B: Hello … uh …

B: Oh, yes … Sorry, I don’t

remember your name,

B: Oh, yes. Nice to see you again.

B: Yes, that’s right. Good to see you again, Christina.

5. Vocabulary


Real estate agent who is a

member of the National

Association of Realtors

Agent za nekretnine, član

stručne Udruge National

Association of Realtors (NAR)


the most important or senior person in an organization or group

Najvažnija osoba u organizaciji (ovlašćuje drugu osobu da ju u

njezino ime i za njezin račun zastupa)

Convenience store

a small local store, located on busy street corners or at gas stations where you can buy food, newspapers, etc. and that is open until late at night or all the time

trgovina mješovitom robom

mini market

Intimate apparel

women’s underwear and nightclothes; lingerie

intimni veš



underpants or knickers.





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